Villain Rod Now Available

Tue, 01/31/2012

Abu Garcia is pleased to announce that the new Villain™ rod is now available. The advancement of cutting edge, ultra-lightweight technology is built into the core of the Villain rod. By using specialized low resin content graphite, the Villain takes on a jaw dropping balanced and lightweight feel.

Low Resin Content graphite utilizes advanced resins that allow less resin to be used in the construction of the graphite rod. This allows the construction of a rod that is lighter in the hand and more sensitive than traditional graphite rods, without sacrificing strength.

The combination of the C6 Total Exposure Reel Seat and 40 Ton graphite provide optimum sensitivity by allowing vibrations to be transmitted directly to the angler. The 40 Ton rating indicates the highest grade of graphite in Abu Garcia rods.

See complete product information and specs for the Villain