Revo Shop


Revo Shop was created for anglers who demand the very best in customizability and performance. Whether the goal is to reduce weight, achieve a more comfortable setup or create a more technique-specific configuration, we offer the parts to get the job done right.
•EVA knobs: Available for both spinning and low profile reels, EVA knobs reduce overall reel weight and increase comfort. The spinning option includes one standard size EVA knob. The low profile package includes 2 EVA knobs available in standard as well as oversized options.
•Handles: Available in 2 low profile options. The bent carbon fiber handle creates a lighter reel setup without sacrificing strength. The extended handle gives anglers more cranking leverage and better grip.

Need to know how to change parts on your reel? Watch the how to video on the Revo Shop.

Abu Garcia® Parts For Low Profile and Spinning Reels

Model No. Description Compatible Reels Price
EVALRG Low Profile EVA Knob Large All Revo (Gen 1 [except Gen 1 Premier], 2 & 3), Orra (Gen 1), Max (Gen 1) $24.99
EVAMED Low Profile EVA Knob Medium All Revo (Gen 1, 2 & 3), Orra (Gen 1), Max (Gen 1) $24.99
EVASTD(SP) Spnning EVA Knob All Revo spin (Gen 1), Orra (Gen 1), Cardinal STX, SX & S $14.99
EXTBENT Low Profile Extended Bent Handle Casting Revo (Gen 3), Revo (Gen 2), Max (Gen 2) $29.99
CARBENT Low Profile Carbon Bent Handle Casting Revo (Gen 3), Revo (Gen 2), Max (Gen 2) $49.99

Neoprene Covers
Constructed from thick 2mm neoprene material, Abu Garcia neoprene reel covers are designed to protect your investment during storage and transport. Covers are available in spinning, round reel and low profile options and allow anglers to protect their reel without having to remove them from the rod. High quality hook and loop fasteners hold the neoprene covers in place.
•Neoprene spinning reel cover– fits all Abu Garcia Spinning reels size 10 through 40
•Neoprene round reel covers– available in 5000, 6000, and 7000 size options
•Neoprene low profile cover – fits all Abu Garcia low profile reels (except Toro Series)

Abu Garcia® Neoprene Covers

Model No. Description Compatible Reels Price
ABU5000 Neoprene Cover Round Reel 5000 All 5000 size reels (ex. 5500 & 5600) & Record 50 $9.99
ABU6000 Neoprene Cover Round Reel 6000 All 6000 size reels (ex. 6500 & 6600), Record 60 & Alphamar 12 $9.99
ABU7000 Neoprene Cover Round Reel 7000 All 7000 size reels (ex. 7000i, 7000i C3), Pro Rocket, & Alphamar 16 & 20 $9.99
ABULP Neoprene Cover Low Profile Any Abu Garcia Low Profile $9.99
ABUSPINMED Neoprene Cover Spinning Any 10 to 40 size spinning reel $9.95